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There is nothing more dangerous than an idea, when it’s the only one we have.’ – Emile Chartier

I set up AlsoThus because I believe, as one client described our work, in ‘Pragmatic Magic’. Having working for 20+ years in consulting, across continents and with large corporates like Microsoft or Hitachi down to one person start-ups, I have seen many tools, techniques, and technologies. It’s not about using the ‘right’ one, its about using the mix right for you.

So we bring top-tier consulting skills, a broad toolbox of ideas, and a facilitated collaborative approach to shape your unique path to success. We think practical road maps – you need to know where you’re going. We think product – be it customer facing or internal IT. We think people & psychology to work out how to ease the journey and make the culture and behaviours stick. We do it together, which is why I called the company AlsoThus:

It’s with you and also us, that we are thus ingenious.

Peter Bricknell, Founder.

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