Driving up the maturity of the product capability is not a one time event. A diagnostic identifies what to change, but how do you develop whilst also delivering the business. This is where a part-time Chief Product Officer comes to play. Having set direction, we embed the change by empowering the team through:

  • Making Meetings Matter – coaching for productive decision making, by connecting the flow of meetings and governance, dealing with personality types, and ensuring the data & evidence for decisions is at the right level at the right time
  • Driving process maturity – releasing time to think, by embedding standard repeatable processes for innovation, customer feedback, feature choice, and implementation into the business, using the tools that streamline the work
  • Accountability for outcomes – working at board level to continuously link strategy and finances to the product portfolio
  • Innovation for growth – shaping the portfolio to be resilient to market trends, and agile enough to capture emergent opportunities
  • Balance of big picture and detailed delivery – working from board to operational level.

Driving Product Management up the maturity curve: